Adu Orang Utan di Safari World Thailand ( Kejam ! )

THESE horrifying images show a barbaric display of animal cruelty at a theme park in Thailand.

Orangutans are made to dress up in shorts and boxing gloves and attack each other in front of baying crowds.

A very unhappy orangutan forced to pose for photographs with a ball in it's mouth for tourists in a boxing ring at a theme park in Bangkok, Thailand on March 27, 2010. These horrifying pictures show cheering tourists drawn to the barbaric sport at a theme park in Thailand. While an orangutan pretends to be knocked out of the boxing ring, others, dressed in bikinis are trained to pick up litter from the stage at the end of the show.
Glum ... baying spectators watch horrific fight
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Safari World — located on the outskirts of Bangkok — also has orangutan "ring girls" which parade around in bikinis.

The shameful company was banned from hosting the fight — in which the apes viciously kick box each other — six years ago.


It is not known how many orangutans have been captured and trained by Safari World.

Animal campaigners say the apes, weighing up to 250lbs, could do themselves serious damage in the boxing ring.

Dr Grainne McEntee, head of operations at Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS), said: "It is heartbreaking that such practices still go on."

He said the continued devastation of the Bornean rainforest fuels this illegal trade in Orangutans, both as pets and for use in entertainment.

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