Perahu Bertenaga Surya Terbesar di Dunia !

Turanor PlanetSolar, also known under the project name PlanetSolar, is an entirely solar powered boat that was launched on 31 March 2010. It is the largest solar-powered boat in the world.

turanor planet solar 6

On 27 September 2010 Turanor PlanetSolar started on a journey around the world in Monaco. With this expedition, the iniatiors of the project would like to focus the public awareness on the importance of renewable energies for environmental protection. The crew of six will circumnavigate the globe solely with the aid of solar power. Captain of the expedition is Frenchman Patrick Marchesseau.

turanor planet solar 1

The current routing around the globe (subject to favourable weather and nautical conditions) foresees stopovers in several metropoles. In Miami, Cancun, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Monaco the project PlanetSolar will inform the public about the importance of sustainability and renewable energies.

turanor planet solar 5

The boat is registered in Switzerland and was financed by a German entrepreneur; its construction costs amounted to € 12.5 million.

turanor planet solar 7

turanor planet solar 3

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